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Marianne Guillerand, the art of imaginative paper collage

Marianne Guillerand, the art of imaginative paper collage

The paper collage artwork of Marianne Guillerand is in the spotlight with her Parisian exhibition, "The ImaginaryArch".

Marianne Guillerand, the art of imaginative paper collage


Comedian for the cinema, novelist, composer of several songs, entrepreneur, Marianne Guillerand has experimented several fascinating trades in her previous lives before discovering her new heartfelt vocation, the art of collage. Having become a plastician, the main thread of her creations is to bring back to life objects intended for scrap.

The art of collage, the passion of Marianne Guillerand

The works of her bestiary are witnesses of an era and a fabulous story, filled with symbols. Over time, she has appropriated a technique that consists in wrapping with magazine clippings and gold leaf edges. With her, on the back of each animal, it's a little bit of ourselves that is taking a stroll, and this poetic universe seems to reconcile itself with man.

Marianne Guillerand Cheval Persan d'or
Symbol of freedom and nobility, this Gold Persian horse will lord as master in the living room of the collector who purchases it. © DR
Marianne Guillerand animalerie
Announcing dawn break for the rooster and faithful companion for the dog, the sculptures of the artist are very endearing. © E. Vaney

A style mixing dream and poetry

Her style seduced the Sophie Lacasse gallery in Paris. Here, our sweet dreamer recycles, in her own way, findings picked up here and there, for her personal exhibition "The Imaginary Arch", where she revives their natural beauties. Silversmith pieces that required talent, patience and meticulousness…

Marianne Guillerand Gold Fish zoom
On the Gold Fish wings, an imaginary world appears. © DR
Marianne Guillerand portrait
Marianne Guillerand poses with one of her latest creations, captivating and filled with fantasy. © DR

The art of making the marvelous spout up from a small nothing…

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