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Marko Zallik : the star of Lunéville’s International Autumn Fair

Marko Zallik : the star of Lunéville’s International Autumn Fair

Marko Zallik  and his mechanically minded art will be the star of Lunéville’s International Autumn Fair from 6 to 29 October 2018.

Marko Zallik : the star of Lunéville’s International Autumn Fair

A regular host of today’s most iconic artists, the International Autumn Fair is held in central Lorraine in Lunéville, a city that includes key religious sites, WWI landmarks, museums, castles, parks, and gardens. This year, one of the event’s main attractions is the artist Marko Zallik.

Lunéville invites Marko Zallik

After a career in the aeronautical industry, this one-of-a-kind Israeli discovered a new passion—transforming everyday objects into works of art using a process of customisation. Zallik has always been interested in protecting the environment ; he recycles all of his materials as part of an « Eco-Art » approach that focuses on ensuring a high quality of life.

Marko Zallik sculpture Mobile Time Machine
If you still have questions about the utility of the Mobile Time Machine, know that a collector has already made it the key piece of their showroom. ©Vernon Katz 
Marko Zallik sculpture Metropolis 1877
An artist that defies categorisation, Marko Zallik is the creator of Metropolis 1877. ©Vernon Katz 

Showcasing steampunk style

During the fair’s 37th edition, Zallik will be presenting his series « Metamorphosis ». These works are directly related to the artistic trend known as « Steampunk », which originated in England in the 60s and 70s. Steampunk depicts a world based on the mechanical technology and steam engines of the Victorian era that are adapted to the modern day. Through this series, Zallik turns the reclamation of a trend into true artform.

Marko Zallik Metamorphosis sculptures
The ingenious Metamorphosis series is made up of objects the artist found in the street to create a collection of one-of-a-kind works of art. ©Vernon Katz 

Lunéville showcases the art of recycling.