Maserati Levante, a racy design hits the road this summer

Showcasing the famous trident badge, Maserati launches its first SUV. This sporty model with its racy design is ready to cruise this summer.

Some names are legendary in themselves and Maserati counts as one of them. To match its reputation, the Italian brand has created a sleek and sporty-looking new model named after a Mediterranean wind. The car is suited to all terrains and weather conditions with its Q4 4x4 system.

This summer, the Maserati Levante is ready to roar on those roads

Featuring a V6 twin-turbo 430 hp petrol engine with an 8-speed gearbox, the Levante can go from calm to thunderstorm like a flash of lightning, and in the utmost silence. Features include a forward collision warning system, blind spot alert, rear cross path detection, lane departure warning system and adaptive cruise control. 

Maserati Levante car
 In front, three air vents are the unmistakable trademark of the Italian car manufacturer. © DR
Maserati Levante interior view
Spacious and ergonomic, the interior features intuitive controls, at your fingertips. © DR

The Latin version of a SUV

Maserati called upon stylist Emernegildo Zegna to enhance the driving experience in the cabin. Surrounding the stunning 8.4-inch multimedia touchscreen for navigation control, comfort and infotainment, the leather seats blend effortlessly with the natural-fibre panels made from mori moth silk on the door trims, headlining, sun visors and roof. Exclusive and refined touches for you, available from 72,800 €.

Maserati Levante back of the car
With the Levante, custom options are endless so they can match your style. © DR

Maserati, design and performance in its purest form