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Max Rovira, a Catalan painter in the country of Salvador Dali

Max Rovira, a Catalan painter in the country of Salvador Dali

Living and working in Collioure, Max Rovira is a free spirit Catalan painter blossoming in the country of Salvador Dali.

Max Rovira, a Catalan painter in the country of Salvador Dali


Nestled in the scenic harbor of Collioure, a highly coveted landmark of the Pyrénées-Orientales, the two galleries of painter Max Rovira create the event on a daily basis. Indeed, they display the works of this prolific Catalan appreciated by art lovers. In a profusion of colors and nervous lines, the artist expresses his moods and his whimsies through a rainbow palette, which he constantly reinvents.

An arty sequence with one of the leading painters in Catalogna

Famous stars in the world of music, sports and cinema, without forgetting the multi-faceted Salvador Dali, one of his main sources of inspiration, are sketched by him in various circumstances. Max Rovira also creates his “Scenes of Life”, more personal paintings. The self-taught artist imposes rigor and exacting creativity, making him hard to pinpoint, oscillating between Post-Impressionism and Pop Art styles.

A creative process inspired by daily news

This electic artist, whose sing-song accent is as appealing as his work, features a prolific production. One finger placed on a spray can, another one holding a paint brush, he spends his days in his workshop, inspired by his environment, close to media updates. On exhibition in the city's casino or the city hall of Nice for his interpretation of the dark hours during the Covid-19 period, the artist lives out his era to the utmost.

The impact of a creation without limits and without frontiers

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