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Metamorphosis: Boca do Lobo’s surrealist furniture

Metamorphosis: Boca do Lobo’s surrealist furniture

Designed to look like an invading tide of insects, the Metamorphosis furniture collection from Boca do Lobo is an ode to daring surrealist style.

Metamorphosis: Boca do Lobo’s surrealist furniture


If your goal is to add a bit of personality to your home, you might as well opt for an elegant, one-of-a-kind solution. That is precisely the goal of Portuguese brand Boca do Loco, whose pieces can’t be found anywhere else. Its entire catalogue is made up of collections that emphasise originality, unbridled creativity, and exquisite finishes, and its latest collection is no exception. Featuring insects and a range of tiny, mysterious animals, these pieces are ready to invade your living room this autumn.

An eccentric bestiary

Insects have always been a part of artists’ surrealist imagery. From illuminated manuscripts to Renaissance painters and the Flemish Masters, still life paintings have often included insects to elicit emotions in the viewer. However, never before have they been incorporated into high-end luxury furniture. In this collection, the insects give new meaning to the concept of beauty by creating a more eccentric footprint. They appear to be fossilized or carved into surface of the piece itself through a unique and natural process.

The impact of artistic furniture

These black and gold creatures, which include everything from crickets made entirely from silver filigree, desert scorpions, and sacred scarab beetles from ancient Egypt, become part and parcel of the artistic pieces of furniture they adorn. Dining tables, console tables, and mirror are transformed through a meticulous metamorphosis using new design techniques until they emerge as incredible visual marvels that would look at home in any museum.

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