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Modemuseum, the fashion hub of Hasselt, in Belgian Flanders

Modemuseum, the fashion hub of Hasselt, in Belgian Flanders

A top fashion destination in Belgium’s Flemish region, the Modemuseum in Hasselt showcases the influence of technology and ornamental decoration in the fashion industry.

Modemuseum, the fashion hub of Hasselt, in Belgian Flanders


Located in the former convent of the « Grey Sisters », a 17th-century building, the fashion museum in this Flemish city, which was once dedicated to the fabric business, is home to more than 18 000 pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, and accessories. Its permanent collection is showcased through temporary exhibitions that focus on the history and appearance of Western clothing styles between 1750 and the present day.

The Flemish Region of Belgium : a central hub for fashion

Among the stylists who are featured at the museum, Worth, Patou, Lanvin, Pierre Cardin, Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Comme des Garçons, Versace, Courrèges, and Balenciaga take centre stage. They are shown alongside world-famous Limburgish artists, such as Martin Margiela and Raf Simons. Another addition to the Modemuseum is the SMUK, an interactive event that highlights ornamentation and decorative techniques.

Blending different forms of art together

Considered the peak of decoration, the history exhibited in the museum starts in the early 18th century, when even men wore embroidered coats and jackets. Feather workers and ribbon makers are discussed and shown alongside handmade products and examples of traditional expertise. The luxurious details created through these methods are a far cry from the mechanical measures, such as laser cutting and 3D printing, explored in the upcoming exhibition, « Active Wear ».

Journey from the times of the fabric industry to Fashion Week in just a few steps