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Mummies in Bruges : an exhibition that unwraps the secrets of ancient Egypt

Mummies in Bruges : an exhibition that unwraps the secrets of ancient Egypt

In a nod to society’s growing interest in ancient Egypt, the XPO Center is hosting « Mummies in Bruges », an exhibition that sheds light on the secrets of the Pharaohs.

Mummies in Bruges : an exhibition that unwraps the secrets of ancient Egypt


At the same time the « Tutankhamun, the Treasure of the Pharaoh » exhibition is opening in the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, the XPO Center in Bruges, Belgium is adding fuel to the Egyptomania fire as well. New discoveries in the Valley of the Kings, located near the city of Cairo, have led to renewed interest in the topic, sparking the imagination and fuelling fascination for the mysteries of ancient Egypt, its sphinxes, and its mummies.

Ancient Egypt comes to Bruges

Until 31 December 2019, « Mummies in Bruges » will provide an in-depth look into this civilization’s funeral rites along the Nile though 200 archaeological items, some of which have never been on display before, and nine human and animal mummies from over 2000 years ago. These precious pieces are presented in three rooms, each of which has a different theme, along with stunning painted sarcophagi and representations of gods.

Mummies exhibition scanner
Nothing can hide from the scanner’s cameras—not even behind a sarcophagus that is thousands of years old. © DR
Mummies exhibition sculptures
Created during a time of glory long past, these statuettes bear witness to the era’s way of life. © DR

A voyage through time

Visitors will also be able to explore sculptures, offerings, magic scarabs, cards, papyri, the secrets of hieroglyphics, jewels, and the mummification process with help from modern technology. Everything you need to understand this unique culture while travelling back in time to the ancient world.

Mummies exhibition mummy and hieroglyphics
Wrapped in linens and bound with strips, this mummy has traversed centuries. © DR

Mummies in Bruges : an exhibition fit for the Pharaohs

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