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Mural mirrors, reflections of our lives and our whims

Mural mirrors, reflections of our lives and our whims

Reflecting our lifestyles and our whims, handsome mural mirrors have become the essential elements of successful decoration.

Mural mirrors, reflections of our lives and our whims


Each one of us looks into the mirror at least once a day, without even questioning the origins of this object that can transform our apartment into a ball room. The silver glass mirror, as we know it today, that sends back our reflection, in order to ajdust a look, shave or put on some makeup, appeared in Germany only 200 years ago.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Indispensable, it was quite rare in the past. Its surface was comprised of polished copper and bronze, without reproducting faithfully a satisfying reflective image. This primitive technique was improved over the centuries and its size finally enlarged until its production became widespread and designers created works of art sold at sky rocketing prices.

Miroirs Koket et Metamorphosis
Round, the Rêve mirror features a shiny outside and a matt inside, while Metamorphosis is sprinkled with brass insects. © DR
Miroirs Crackle et Venice
Crackle is composed of fragmented mirrors with golden edges, while Venice is sculpted in the spirit of Venetian glassware. © DR

Unconventional design furniture

At Modern Home Decor, this piece of furniture in its own right has become a specialty whose collections are showcased on the walls of prestigious interiors. Offering a wide array of shapes, more and more daring, that are in keeping with our modern-day lifestyles, these decorative home models appeal to all our fanciful whims.

Glance and Veneto mirrors
Fragmented, bevelled, the Glance mirror blends into the decor, and Veneto conveys the illusion of amplitude in a room. © DR
Miroirs Apollo et Guilt
Golden or in copper, the Apollo and Guilt radiate while baring their spikes. © DR

To see and be seen, on the other side of the mirror

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