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Musée Bourdelle: an invitation made to Niels Hansen Jacobsen

Musée Bourdelle: an invitation made to Niels Hansen Jacobsen

In Paris, the Bourdelle Museum has invited the works of Danish sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen to unravel their strange tales coming out of the cold.

Musée Bourdelle: an invitation made to Niels Hansen Jacobsen

A Nordic and Danish wind is blowing on Paris this Winter and until 31 May 2020, it's through the first exhibition dedicated to Niels Hansen Jacobsen. This sculptor and ceramicist, contemporary of Antoine Bourdelle, invites visitors to explore the fanciful universe of his French years, between 1892 and 1902, when he nourished himself with exchanges and friendships formed in the capital.

Niels Hansen Jacobsen, special guest of the Musée Bourdelle

Enriched by his contacts with European writers, musicians and artists, his work is forcibly marked by a pronounced taste for the bizarre, the ambiguous, the macabre, even a « worrisome folklore » coming in from the cold and the fanciful image of Andersen's fairy tales.

Niels Hansen Jacobsen sculptures and paintings
The fantasies of the artist contributed to forging his work all along his career. © Pernille Klemp
Niels Hansen Jacobsen sculpture Trolden Bag Glyptoteket
Constituted in bronze, this gnarled troll rarely leaves Denmark—a great occasion to meet him. © Pernille Klemp

An atypical artist

A far cry from academical traditions and the conventions of realism, he is inseparable from the most daring plastic researches of his time. In the wake of Gustave Moreau and Paul Gauguin, the one who has decided to partake in the ornamental modernity of Art Nouveau, while highlighting the school of Symbolism, invites you to his « artistic » Parisian convent.

The sculptures workshop of the Antoine Bourdelle Musée Bourdelle Paris
A historical testimony, Antoine Bourdelle's workshop has not changed since his death. © Benoit Fougeirol

Artistic and mythological influences in Paris