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Musée Fin de Siècle, the ultimate Belgian cultural institution

Musée Fin de Siècle, the ultimate Belgian cultural institution

A new institution of the Belgian cultural landscape, the Musée Fin de Siècle is a must-go for art lovers in Brussels.

Musée Fin de Siècle, the ultimate Belgian cultural institution


Amongst the most recent galleries in Brussels under the spotlight, a brand new unit has opened at the heart of the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique. After heavy controversy, the Musée Fin de Siècle is partly replacing the galleries showcasing Modern Art, now entirely dedicating them to collections featuring local and foreign works of art, from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

A museum now an instituion in Brussels

The venue has chosen to stand out with a broad approach, thanks to partnerships with the Royal Library, the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, the Royal Museum of Art and History, the Cinematek, the Bibliotheca Wittockiana, the King Baudouin Foundation, as well as the Région Bruxelles-Capitale, whose Gillion-Crowet furniture pieces are one of the strong points offered to visitors.

Musée Fin de Siècle gallery
In the galleries of the museum, each piece tells the story of an era. © DR
Musée Fin de Siècle Mucha
A sculpture by Alfons Mucha, Nature is a bust in golden bronze ornamented with a tiara and earrings in malachite. © DR

From 1900 to 3D in just a few steps

Painters, sculptors and engravers testify to the cultural effervescence of this period. Signature of the willingness to redeploy the country's treasures, architecture plays an important role with the 3D reconstitution of six buildings in the Art Nouveau style at the heart of international creation. With the Musée Fin de Siècle, new dynamics have finally taken over the capital of Europe.

Musée Fin de Siècle Fernand Knopff : Memories
Memories, by Fernand Knopff, reflects the carefree spirit and emancipation of women at the turn of the last century. © DR

Flash back of the artistic scene in Brussels

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