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The Museum of Air and Space: opening of a scenic gallery

The Museum of Air and Space: opening of a scenic gallery

Entirely renovated, the Grande Galerie of the Museum of Air and Space is reopening its doors with a new presentation of its exceptionnal collections.

The Museum of Air and Space: opening of a scenic gallery


The Art Deco style of Le Bourget airport, mythical landmark of legendary exploits in the great air adventure, is stunning. After five years of major renovations, the National Museum of Air and Space unveils its collections in the setting of the Grande Galerie, where the history of aeronautics, along with civil and military aviation, are revealed to mesmerized visitors in a totally new presentation.

Skydive on the Grande Galerie of the Museum of Air and Space

From the first airship, La France, whose basket, restored in its orginal wicker, is presented with its rudder and its 6 meter-long propeller, to the mythical planes of World War I, such as the Farman, Rep K, Breguet and Fokker, the visit is very rich in emotions thanks to a sober, innovative scenography featuring rare pieces such as period billboards and stunning paintings.

Museum of air and space - Salle des Huit Colonnes
The Salle des Huit Colonnes is filled with Art Deco details that will surely impress collectors. © Vincent Pandellé
Museum of air and space - red plane
It's quite amazing to think that certain pilots were onboard these incredible flying machines! © Vincent Pandellé

An institution of reference in the universe of aeronautics

Visitors evolve amidst unusual works in the Salle des Huit Colonnes which has recovered its initial function of departure point and transit for « passengers ». The surrounding aesthetics are the ideal setting for collaborations and « cartes blanches » with artists, photographers, sculptors and painters. A visit to be programmed urgently for all those who are fascinated by the world of aviation—from its early beginnings until today.

Museum of air and space - demonstration planes
It took hundreds of hours for specialized workers to restore this airplane back to flying condition. © Vincent Pandellé

100 years of passion to enter the 4th dimension

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