The National Museum of Qatar opens its doors in Doha

Designed by the architect Jean Nouvel, the National Museum of Qatar, located in Doha, is opening its doors now that the massive construction project is complete.

The capital of every emerging country is building its own grandiose museum made of spectacular shapes. The rich Emirate of Qatar is no exception. It just opened a museum along its coastal road in Doha. Inspired by the shape of the desert rose, the white, 40 000 m² building, which is made up of disks of various sizes, encapsulates a futuristic vision.

A new, grandiose museum in Doha, Qatar

Surrounded by sprawling gardens, the museum will be opened to the public following an official ceremony led by the leader of this young country, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Visitors will be treated to an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. The new architectural masterpiece designed by Jean Nouvel will host extensive collections of rare and precious items dating from ancient times to the modern era.

The National Museum of Qatar pavilions
Qatar, which boasts an impressive set of desert- and ocean -inspired traditions, is showcasing its social and cultural history through this latest attraction. © DR
The National Museum of Qatar architecture
Art lovers will be amazed by the museum’s architecture. © DR

Promoting cultural tourism

The collections embody Qatar’s rich ancestral cultural heritage as well as its aspirations for the future. They include the collections of the country’s previous museum and seamlessly incorporate modern works from Qatari and international artists, document collections, and interactive educational programmes. A prestigious showcase for cultural tourism.

The National Museum of Qatar courtyard
One pathway leads to the courtyard of pavilions, which hosts collections of priceless works. © DR

An ultra-modern museum experience set within an ancient land