Nature : the newest equestrian performance of Chantilly

Nature offers to fans of high-quality equestrian performances an amazing show beneath the dome of Chantilly’s Grand Stables.

Sophie Bienaimé, the Equestrian and Artistic Director for the Chantilly Estate Grand Stables, pays tribute to nature with her latest show, which takes place beneath the dome of the imposing building. This original work featuring twelve riders and twelve scenes depicts the eternal bonds between humans and our environment.

An ode to nature and equestrian performances

To enhance the effect, the coat colours of the Andalusian and Lusitanian horses, the costumes designed by Monika Mucha, and also the extravagant tone of the songs and compositions all reflect the colours of the seasons. The performance pulls out all the stops to immerse spectators in magical worlds by using poetic choreography that calls attention to our ecosystem.

Chantilly Nature show horses
Three years of training are required for the horse and rider to move as one. © P. Renauldon
Chantilly Nature show costume rider
The horses perform in the round arena to the delight of spectators. © Jerzy Bukagilo

Bowing thoroughbreds

A trip to take in this show, which showcases the art of dressage by demonstrating the levade and a bow from a thoroughbred, will also give you a greater taste for nature. Chantilly is home to a castle, museum and a race track, all next to a beautiful forest. Come take in the great outdoors !

Chantilly Nature show poster
Just like this grey horse, plan your next getaway by thinking outside of the box ! © DR

Chantilly, the capital of equestrian performances