The new Artemide collection, minimalist and refined spheres in blown glass

The new Artemide collection, minimalist and refined spheres in blown glass

In opposition to the LED trend, Artemide is launching a collection of spherical lamps in blown glass with a seductive minimalism.

While luminairies have become very technological with the arrival of the LED system that diffuses and modulates the intensity of light in keeping with your needs, both inside and outside, tradition has not been left by the wayside. Artemide, the Italian company, featuring certain lamp models exhibited in leading museums worldwide, is launching a neo-classic line in reverse order with the LED trend.

The made in Italy blown glass spheres of Artemide

NH is a collection of spheres in white glass that creates the link between tradition and innovation. Light is totally streamlined and its minimalism brings to mind Asian lanterns. Used as suspended lighting fixtures or to be placed on a piece of furniture, these new models animate spaces with poetry and subtlety in the most modern interiors, highlighted by a clever association of hot and cold materials.

Artemide collection NH lamps to pose
Transport your lamp and place it anywhere your wish to personalize the lighting of a room. © DR
Artemide collection NH details
Hanging from a tread or attached to a bar, each lamp participates in its own way with the decor. © DR

The upside of tradition

Interior designers have thus developed a luminous source that evolves with its structures. Prolonged by a ring in brushed brass, and completed with a basic support in black iron, its elements will allow you to surf on the sensitvity of a very refined old school contrast. With this ultra light setting, tradition has never been as avant-garde…

Artemide collection NH in situation
In an office, a living room or a bedroom, the NH hanging fixtures know how to stay discreet. © DR

A contemporary reinterpretation of the lanterne