The new cool Parisian restaurants this summer

Original, off-beat, sharing and fusion of savors, here are the key words of the new restaurants that are creating the buzz this summer in Paris.

1. Coco Opéra

"My aim was a surf and turf offer to seduce an upscale coat-and-tie clientele, as well as tourists." After the Drugstore with Eric Frechon, Julien Chicoisne has found a refuge under the wings of Palais Garnier, in the Parisian flagship of the group, launched by Laurent de Gourguff, the serial restaurateur. The Neo-baroque atmosphere goes hand in hand with a perfectly mastered exotic menu. Soon to be yours: gambero rosso with smoked avocado, cod, mashed tomatoes and chorizo on a bed of risotto and pork chops with grilled onions— to be enjoyed in the dining room or on a terrace. A la carte: €70. 1, Place Jacques-Rouché, 75009 Paris. Open 7/7, service until 2am. Tel. : 01 42 68 86 80.

Chef Julien Chicoisne and Coco Opéra restaurant
A chef with a star-studded background, a posh dining room—all the ingredients are combined for a festive evening. © Romain Ricard

2. La Gare

"The spirit of the place is a menu to share, mixed with tastes of Latin America." Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio has taken over the helm of the former La Muette train station, run by the Moma group. Under the relifted tropical garden, customized by Laura Gonzalez, everyone wants to be front row. On the plates, the journey begins with an Andalusian visit and continues with gambas al Ajillo, lomo saltado of beef cooked on charcoal and French toast with dulce de leche. A la carte: €70, brunch: €58. 19, Chaussée de la Muette, 75016 Paris. 
Open 7/7, service until 11pm. Tel. : 01 42 15 15 31.

Chef Gaston Acuriola and La Gare restaurant
This buzzing summer table is dedicated to adventure seekers with taste. © Jules Prunet

3. Marso & Co

"This address is an echo to travels I undertook in the Mediterranean Sea." Tomy Gousset triples the wager with a third restaurant on the Left Bank by borrowing the name from his youngest son. The seashore resort ambiance surfs on the far-flung savours of travel. Nice and its pissaladière, the Puglia region and a Burrata with Gomasio, a Moroccan pastilla with cod, the Azores and a skewer of chorizo flambéed with brandy, fregola Sarda with beef cheek and rice pudding with cinammon in the Portuguese Pasteis de Nata style, all bring back colours to this quiet district. A la carte: €40 . 16, Rue Vulpian, 75013 Paris. Closed on the weekend, service until 10pm. Tel. : 01 45 87 37 00.

Chef Tomy Gousset and his restaurant Marso & Co
At each new restaurant opening, this successful chef creates the buzz on the social networks. © DR

4. Marsan by Hélène Darroze

"I want to pay homage to my origins and the city of Mont-de-Marsan to share my emotions." Behind the Hôtel Lutétia, the juror of Top chef has treated her self to a low key white and gold dining room, where she serves "Tastous" to titillate the taste buds. Followed by wild salmon sauvage from the Adour marinated and cindered with rhubarb, an oyster with caviar and velvety coconut, Koskera-style hake and grilled pigeon, just like in her grandfather's rôtisserie, announcing a Hélène Darroze at the top of her form. Menus: €75, €95, €175, tasting: €225. 4, Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris. Closed Saturday and Sunday, service until 10:30. Tel. : 01 42 22 00 11.

Chef Hélène Darroze and her Marsan restaurant
 All those who enjoy revisted products from the South-West will be delighted by the new address of Hélène Darroze. © DR

5. Anona

"I mix gastronomy and ecology with my signature specialties and local products." Conveying meaning to his cuisine, such is the idea of Thibaut Spiwack, who began at the George V and at Alain Senderens, before being inspired by fusion savors. In the Batignolles district, he named his restaurant after an exotic fruit, and concocts a Burgundy egg, a surf and turf adventure, beef and eel with dashi and a fowl with chard and rhubarb in generous portions to prolong the pleasures. Formula: €25, menus: €29, €75, tasting : €95. 80, Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017 Paris. Closed Sunday and Monday, service until 10pm. Tel. : 01 84 79 01 15.

Chef Thibaut Spiwack and restaurant Anona
Heads up: talent! This chef, already spotted by food critics, has a definite future in gastronomy guides. © Guilhem Touzery.

6. Lapérouse

"In this historical decor, we don't revisit dishes of yesteryear, we offer a true cuisine." Very enthousiastic, Jean-Pierre Vigato has made a big comeback in this mythical house on the Seine embankments, known for its mirrors marked up by "cocottes." Here the star chef supervises the creation of ravioles with foie gras and summer truffle, from the John Dory to the small artichoke on glazed tomatoes and shortbreads with braised chard, while Christophe Michalak signs sweat treats. Tops! A la carte : €100. 51, Quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris. Closed on Sunday, service until 11pm. Tel.: 01 43 26 68 04.

Chef Jean-Pierre Vigato and Lapérouse restaurant
With Jean-Pierre Vigato behind the oven, this historical monument along the Seine doubles its gastronomic ambition. © DR

7. Brasserie du Louvre

"On the menu, I offer a mix of savors while making room for seasonal products." With Denis Bellon, Groupe Bocuse makes its entrance at the Hôtel du Louvre and it's in the typical decor of period bistros, featuring leather banquettes, white table cloths and metro tiling on the wall, that he has set down his pots and pans. The cult recipes, such as warm pistacchio saucisson in a brioche, Bresse chicken with cream, a pike quenelle, grilled macaronis in the Lyonnaise-style and Grandmother waffles will for sure seduce the nostalgics who remember Monsieur Paul. A la carte: €60. Place André Malraux, 75001 Paris. Open 7/7, service until 10:30. Tel. : 01 44 58 37 21.

Chef Denis Bellon and Brasserie du Louvre
Having trained at Ecole Bocuse, the chef twists the recipes of the 20th century culinary maestro. © DR