New hot spot in Abu Dhabi, the presidential palace opens its doors to tourists

New hot spot in Abu Dhabi, the presidential palace opens its doors to tourists

In Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, the new presidential palace is opening its doors for visits, to the greatest delight of tourists.

If you happen to be visiting the United Arab Emirates, a new touristic destination has been added to the must-go list. After discovering the skyscrapers and shopping malls of Dubai, visitors can set their sights on the capital of this country, and more particularly the presidential palace of Abu Dhabi, which crown prince, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has opened to the public.

Presidential tourism in Abu Dhabi

No need to wait for Heritage Days to discover this architecture marvel built in 2015. It is also used to host the Council of Ministers' reunions, as well as receptions for visiting heads of state. Now it showcases exhibitions when the palace sets forth local traditions that pay homage to the national Abu Dhabi heritage.

Palace Qasr Al Watan honor room
Tourists can now enter inside the Majlis room, where the counsel of Emirati ministers takes place. © DR
Palais Qasr Al Watan plafond
The decoration of the royal palace's ceiling niches required months of craftsmanship work. © DR

An opulence beyond luxury

The visit begins with the Grand Room, the heart of the building, and continues with the Room of the Supreme Council that displays in its window cases the diplomatic gifts received from foreign dignitaries. Then follows the discovery of the House of Knowledge before ending in the library comprising 50 000 works. Open your eyes wide, the opulence of the venue is incredible…

Palais Qasr Al Watan grand Hall
The most noble materials were used to ornament the walls of the Grand Hall. © DR

A thousand and one night palace, in VIP class…