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Nou Design, the passion for designer vases as decorative household objects

When the vase becomes a decorative object in its own right, Nou Design and its passionate creators are never very far.

Nou Design, the passion for designer vases as decorative household objects


A far cry from the great crystal vase classics, the palette of Nou Design creators shatters the shapes of this decorative house accessory. Managed by Hélène de Saint Pierre, an architect who started out as a decorator in the antiques universe before creating her own agency, this mono-product  concept store inside the Village Suisse, in Paris, has specialized in an object generally reserved to display flowers.

Creative vases, the new decoration trend

Having become an exercise in style for designers, who nonetheless respect its basic function, the vase steps out of the closet and bypasses all the codes. With this opulent collection, it becomes free in terms of its shape and material, to be showcased in modern interiors, according to the whimsies of the moment, like a trophy to be displayed. Thus, it can be minimalistic, baroque, discreet, monochrome, ornamented, off-beat or humoristic.

The art of improvising as a collector

The sustainable selection, stemming from the very best of French know-how, attracts a wide array of collectors, who have not forgotten its functional aspect. With or without bouquet, the models are created in small series. They are meant to be preserved and passed down from one generation to the next, because each one of them reflects a special and exacting art of living. Just take your pick…

Offering to flowers the vases they deserve

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