Oliver Dassault showcases his RéFlexions creations at Galerie W, in Paris

Oliver Dassault showcases his RéFlexions creations at Galerie W, in Paris

In Paris, it's at Galerie W that Olivier Dassault is presenting RéFlexions, a personal selection of 20 photographs.

You have until the 30th of April 2019 to discover the event-exhibition of Olivier Dassault at Galerie W, an arty space in the Marais district of Paris, that represents budding or confirmed artists. This is where he is spotlighting 20 works, as well as a totemic installation representing double face photographic sculptures comprising five two-meter-high pieces.

With Olivier Dassault, at the Galerie W, in Paris

Already pilot, engineer, deputy, business executive and composor, he has another secret ace up his sleeve, or rather a passion that accompanies him like an evidence since adolescence, pushing on the button of a photography camera that he tamed during his travels and his encounters, where he strives to capture stunning moments, while trying to reach the unknown.

Olivier Dassault painting Colorism
Don't try to analyze this Colorism painting, just mingle between its lines. © DR
Olivier Dassault painting Diachrome
A joyful mix of colors and textures, Diachrome is composed on altuglass. © DR

Overprint photographs

His reflexions are very personal. With his fetish Minolta XD7 in hand, he improvises overprints with multiple exposures, composing instant graphic harmonies, defying appearences, allowing himeself to be surprised, he observes the depth of a focus and its perspective. A wide array of thoughts that are all a testimony to an innate artistic sense, which also happens to be unexpected and spectacular…

Olivier Dassault Neologism
Very technical in terms of its presentation, Neologism is a Duratrans backlit print. © DR

Just a focus on the most outstanding images of his life…