Opening of Fluctuart, an innovative project by Seine Design

Fluctuart, the first art centre dedicated to ever-changing urban art, is taking an innovative approach. To attend its grand opening, visitors will have to travel to the banks of the Seine at the base of Paris’ Pont des Invalides bridge.

Fluctuat nec mergitur ! To mark its arrival along the Seine, the world’s first floating art centre has adopted the motto of the city of Paris : « She is tossed by the waves but does not sink ». This wide barge, which features a modular and transparent structure, highlights the various movements of urban art from pioneering modern artists while also showcasing emerging and innovative practices.

Fluctuart by Seine Design

To kick off its exhibition schedule, this 43-metre-long non-identified floating object, which offers 1000 m² of gallery space, is presenting the first retrospective of the American artist Swoon. Until 22 September 2019, visitors can enjoy a chronological exhibition with pieces created specifically for the event and a montage made from images from scenes taken from « Time Capsule ».

Fluctuart Swoon's art
The idea behind Swoon’s work is to tell the story of different stages of life. © DR
Fluctuart Swoon Street Art
When displayed on walls, street art can sometimes look 3D. © DR

A gourmet rooftop bar on the Seine in Paris

Dynamic and ever-changing, Fluctuart is a place for creativity, encounters, sharing, inspiration, and entertainment. It is also home to a book store and creative workshops, as well as a rooftop terrace with a bar and restaurant that are sure to breathe life into this new cultural hotspot during unique and festive evening events based on arty performances. Don’t be the last one to check it out for yourself !

Fluctuart artistic projection on a bridge
When it comes to art, everything is a canvas for self-expression. © DR

Along the Seine, art makes inroads into the water