The Orient-Express on display at the Grand Curtius Museum, in Liege, until 4 February 2018

The Orient-Express on display at the Grand Curtius Museum, in Liege, until 4 February 2018

Between myth and reality, the museum ensemble of the Grand Curtius puts the spotlight on the Orient Express, whose origin is in Liege.

While a remake of the film inspired by the detective novel of Agatha Christie is presented on all the screens of the world this winter, the city of Liege, in Belgium, is in the spotlight. Its exhibition « The Orient Express in the Grand Curtius collections  » showcases the overlooked story of the Wagons-Lits railway company, founded in 1870 by Georges Nagelmackers, a native of Liege.

The Grand Curtius, last stop of the Orient-Express

Inspired by the American Pullman model, the business man started by developing his company in Belgium, before launching it in France, then all over Europe in order to make available to travelers a means of transportation with very comfortable compartments, one of which is dedicated to a dining room wheels, wihtout forgetting the famous sleeper cars.

 Grand Curtius Museum
Spanning 5 000 m², the Grand Curtius regroups the collections of several museums in Liege. © DR
Orient-express ashtray and book
Amongst the rare objects on exhibition, ashtrays and books encounter a great success. © DR

The golden age of train travel, from Agatha Christie to James Bond

At the museum, the golden age of the Orient-Express is still a dream come true. Here we can admire posters, books, ashtrays, brass luggage racks, scale models, lalique panels, the reconstitution of a wagon, a numbered monogram, as well as a revolver used in a scene From Russia with Love, part of the James Bond saga. All great reasons to book a ticket and hop on board this legendary train !

The Orient-Express, a grand railway