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Palladian villas: on the touristic roads of the Veneto

Palladian villas: on the touristic roads of the Veneto

New Italian touristic destinations, in the Veneto, Palladian Villas are hidden treasures deserving a Springtime escapade.

Palladian villas: on the touristic roads of the Veneto

Nestled in the province of Veneto, in the North-East of Italy, Palladian villas are regrouped around the town of Vicence, on private estates. They draw their inspiration from architect Andrea Palladio, describing a monumental house of classic style in the country. These nuggets, protected by Unesco, are part of the new touristic roads dedicated to all those who enjoy rare patrimonies.

In the Palladian Villas of Venetia

During the 16th century, rich Venetian agricultural merchants wanted to affirm their power by wagering on stone and land. Thus, they built grandiose properties that dominated the estates of their secondary residences in order to benefit from the same deluxe lifestyle as in their palaces—their goal being to make it a unique setting within gardens offering a harmonious atmosphere.

Venetia villa Angarano
Bordering Bassano del Grappa, Villa Angarano is a stately estate with its own private chapel. © DR
Venetia villa Pisani
Built in the middle of the 18th century, in Stra, Villa Pisani is a museum sheltering period works or art and furniture. © DR

An architecture inspired by palaces

Rotonda, Barbaro, Angarano, Pisani, Foscari, Godi Malinverni, Almerico Capra, Emo, Barbarigo de Valsanzibio, plan at least a small week to discover their colonades of Roman inspiration, arcades, coats of arms and interiors, all decorated with elegance. Springtime is the ideal season for this cultural escapade encompassing the « palazzi »,  filled with treasures from the Renaissance…

Venetia villa Valmarana
With its ornamented frescos from floor to ceiling, Villa Valmarana, in Lisiera, is recognizable thanks to its majestic facade. © DR

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