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Panoramic wallpaper by Zuber

As the world’s oldest wallpaper manufacturer, Zuber creates its panoramic designs by drawing from both its technological expertise and its carefully protected heritage.

Panoramic wallpaper by Zuber


Zuber wallpaper will transport you to another world. The world’s oldest wallpaper manufacturer still in business continues to print its creations by hand using its unique and carefully preserved savoir-faire. The company’s archives are home to 130 000 designs and 150 000 wood print blocks sculpted between 1797 and 1830.

A panorama of wallpaper designs

This repertory, which is a classified historic monument and features enchanting names, custom designs, and combinations that will take you on a journey without ever leaving your home, is incredibly rich. Scenes of earthly paradises, enchanting exotic locales, luxurious flora, fantastic animals, and unique, breath-taking landscapes are adapted to suite every style, from traditional and historical interiors to even the most minimalist of designs.

Zuber wallpaper nature
Offering an ode to nature, these panels are available in a variety of colours that complement modern interiors. © DR
Zuber wallpaper bird
The company draws on its century of expertise to perfectly reproduce every last detail in the birds and butterflies shown here. © DR

Designs from around the world

The level of technical expertise required to process paper and fabric in this way is truly stunning. Each panel featuring intricate designs, Eldorado, Isola Bella, India, Alhambra, or landscapes from Switzerland, Brazil, North America, or Italy is unique. Subtly coloured with hues inspired by 19th century naturalist plates, these designs are a beautiful addition to any wall.

Zuber wallpaper collection
In its boutique at 36 Rue Bonaparte in Paris, Zuber’s catalogues, which are separated by theme, are displayed with their corresponding colours. © DR

Wallpaper that will stop the presses…

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