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In Paris, restaurants unveil their Fall colors... It's time to make reservations!

In Paris, restaurants unveil their Fall colors... It's time to make reservations!

For the Fall season, the Parisian dress code has taken over, and innovative restaurant concepts are flourishing.

In Paris, restaurants unveil their Fall colors... It's time to make reservations!

1. Restaurant Jòia: the great classics retwisted

"I enjoy highlighting the French regions, execeptional products and women's wines—total bliss." With her unabated optimism, Top Chef Hélène Darroze has opened a new table on the Grands Boulevards, in a handsome space with an open kitchen where she showcases signature dishes reinterpreted with small twists: leeks mimosa, green raviolis à la Mamma Léna, yellow chicken from the Landes region, brioché of foie gras and Spanish-style hake from Saint-Jean-de-Luz all make their savors sparkle. A la carte only: €60. 39, rue des Jeûneurs, 75002 Paris. Open 7/7, service until 11pm. Tel. : 01 40 20 06 06 and

Restaurant Jòia - Paris
Bar stools, a communal table, a cosy dining room, Hélène Darroze features several ambiances in her new venue. © Nicolas Buisson

2. Restaurant 99 Haussmann, at Hôtel Bowmann: a chef seen on TV

"I elaborate a basic cuisine from noble products, sometimes with surprising combinations, but cooked very simply." Star chef Grégory Cohen is in action backstage of a 5 star in the Golden Triangle that pays homage to Baron Haussmann. In his deluxe setting, he offers a perfect vegetalized egg, clams steamed with saké, ravioles de langoustines with a cloud of Cognac and a cockerel smoked in hay with masterful audacity. Sure to create a buzz from table to table. Formula: 45 €, à la carte : 70 €. 99, boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris. Closed Saturday and Sunday, service until 11:30pm. Tel. : 01 40 08 00 10 and

Restaurant 99 Haussmann, at Hote Bowmann - Paris
Gilding, marble, high-end furniture, elegance is up to par with the standing of this refined 5 star. ©

3. Restaurant Anne, at the Pavillon de la Reine: a backstage gourmet duo  

"I created this restaurant so that tourists visting our historical district could enjoy the best French products." At the head of several star-studded restaurants, Mathieu Pacaud set his sights on this 5 star located Place des Vosges. Under his helm, chef Edouard Chouteau, who worked in top venues, revisits the savory tart on an arlequin of vegetables, a marinade of sea shells with arugula and filet of veal with braised lettuce that highly encourge us to return. A la carte only: 120 €. 28, place des Vosges, 75003 Paris. Closed Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday, service until 10pm. Tel. : 01 40 29 19 19 and

Restaurant Anne, au Pavillon de la Reine - Paris
Prolonging a paved courtyard that hosts inside-trackers for a drink, the library-salon is the refuge of gourmets. © DR

4. Restaurant Ducasse sur Seine: High Gastronomy on the waterfront

"It's the most incredible cruise in the world, a delicious and savory voyage while visiting Paris." Capitaine Alain Ducasse does it again by launching a 100% electric boat on the Seine. In this restaurant, floating in front of the most handsome monuments of Paris, customized by a talented duo of designers, his chef Francis Fauvel sends out a modern cuisine worthy of French palaces and entirely prepared on the site in keeping with the arrival of products. Excellence in the simplicity of intimate luxury. Starting at 100 € for lunch, and 150 € for dinner. Immediate boarding at Port Debilly, 75016 Paris, at 12:45pm and 8:30pm, for a 2h gourmet cruise.

Restaurant Ducasse sur Seine - Paris
With Alain Ducasse at the helm, perfection is ensured, from the table settings to the delighful concoctions in the plates. © P. Monetta

5. Restaurant L’Office: from the vegetable garden to the plate

" I put together a short menu so that clients could enjoy our in-house garden vegetables." This restaurant in the theater district offers a refined cuisine orchestrated by Charley Beuvart, a chef who navigated between Ecole Ferrandi and the Park Hyatt. We are pleasantly surprised by his carpaccio of sea bream with yuzu, wild bass with gnocchis, skate with cauliflower and pork belly, peanut and black sesame, all to be enjoyed in very original dishware. Careful, the place is often fully booked… A la carte only: 45 €. 3, rue Richer, 75009 Paris. Closed Saturday and Sunday, service until 10:15pm. Tel. : 01 47 70 67 31 and

Restaurant L'Office - Paris
Once you have tested it, you will no longer come to this "Office" for work, but for gourmet treats. © DR

6. Restaurant Edern: emotional recipes 

"Why choose between a good boring restaurant and a festive table where one eats less well? I want to combine both in the same place." The Former chef of the Hôtel Peninsula, Jean-Edern Hurstel, concocts recipes that appeal to his guests. Near the Arc de Triomphe, here one enjoys an emotional cuisine with dishes such as cod with artichokes, a steamed John Dory with fish soup, milk-fed veal and beef marinated with spices. A wager of authenticity! Menu : 45 €, à la carte : 90 €. 6, rue Arsène Houssaye, 75008 Paris. Closed Sunday and Monday, service until 11pm. Tel. : 01 45 63 88 01 and

Restaurant Edern - Paris
One of the most highly awaited table this Fall is starting off on a high note. © Marco Strullu

7. Restaurant Maison Astor: the inside-track address

"My cuisine reflects generosity with a touch of impertinence recalling the spirit of our American founder, John Jacob Astor." Behind the Madeleine, Nicolas Clavier hosts his guests in a dining room surmounted by a deluxe skylight. Business men at lunch time and top models during Fashion Week all make a bee line to come enjoy his ravioles of gambas anc clams with a spicy broth, his line-fished  pollack, shrimp and butter turnips as well as a duck filet de canette with green peas. Go there with friends and share a prime rib of beef, bass in a crust, a veal blanquette or a rack of lamb cooked in hay. Formula: 29 €, menu: 39 €, carte: 60 €. 11, rue d’Astorg, 75008 Paris. Closed Sunday and Monday, service until 10pm. Tel. : 06 43 83 64 48 and

Restaurant Maison Astor - Paris
In this low-key atmosphere, you will run into well known-personalities, who are keen about staying anonymous… and eating well. © Maximilien Photography

8. Restaurant Allénothèque: the bistronomy of a Michelin 3 star

This idea dawned on me in an Italian oenoteca with an exceptional wine list." In the Beaupassage commercial mall, Yannick Alléno has opened in the same space, a restaurant, a wine cellar offering 700 references and the art gallery Scène Ouverte, with his wife Laurence. On 2 levels, the handsome bottles accompany his bistronomy: monkfish in butter with Paimpol beans, grey shrimp and chorizo, duck from the Dombes region with ice cube turnips, sweetbreads in a sea spider shell and girolle mushrooms, the 50 seats are barely sufficient to welcome the triple star chef's fans. Formula: 29 €, menus: 35 €, 41 € et 65 €. 53, rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris. Closed Sunday night and Monday, service until 11pm. Tel. : 01 84 74 21 21 and

Restaurant Allénothèque - Paris
The best appellations and great vintages await connoisseurs in the gourmet lair of Yannick Alléno. © A-E Thion

9. Restaurant Bien Ficelé: for exacting carnivores

In my stremalined modern decor, the communal table ambiance puts the spotlight on sharing and conviviality." At a time when vegan is in full swing, Thibault Eurin has targeted carnivores to come taste his well sourced top notch meats cooked on the grill, on a spit or broiled. All along the week, he offers milk fed pig from Bigorre, top category fowls, matured beef, but also line-fished whiting, razor clams and mackerels. An address under the sign of fresh savors. Menu: 21 €,  à la carte : 50 €. 51, boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris. Closed Monday and Tuesday, service until 10:30pm. Tel. : 01 58 30 84 88 and

Restaurant Bien Ficelé - Paris
In the mood for top notch meat? Sit down and allow the chef to take over, his cooking is done with love… © DR

10. Restaurant Ensemble: viva tapas!

"Small is delicious when it comes to my menu presented like a series of  tapas."A chef's daughter, Margaux Vieljeux has taken her place behind the ovens the annex of Jérôme Moinard in a slightly Art Deco dining room near the Place Dauphine. She expresses her passionate will-power through fried cuttlefish with an aïoli of sweet potato, grilled chorizo with houmous and pickeled soft onions, fritters with a sauce tartare and breaded lamb with mint yogurt. A cheffe to follow… Only à la carte 40 €. 11, rue Spontini, 75016 Paris. Closed Saturday and Sunday, service until 11pm. Tel. : 01 45 05 14 87 et

Restaurant Ensemble - Paris
Waltz with tapas all evening long, the menu is filled with surprises. © DR