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Paul Day's vision of urban sculpture

Passionate about the physical contact with terracotta, molded between his fingers, Paul Day sets forth his urban vision of monumental sculpture.

Paul Day's vision of urban sculpture


Considered highly by the British royal family, to which he has often paid homage with his representations commemorating the Battle of England and the bas-relief of the Queen Mother, in London, the sculptor has chosen to move into a former renovated farm in the village of Sainte-Sabine, in the Côte d’Or of Burgundy. This is where, since the past 25 years, Paul Day works with terracotta, bronze and resin in his own atelier.

Theatrical ambiances

This is also where he creates urban landscape shapes for his human figures akin to 3D paintings and sometimes comic strips. His clever fingers translate his impressions and his vision of the world through works displayed all over Europe. Amongst these, the monumental 9-meter-high sculpture, « The Meeting Place », inaugurated by Queen Elisabeth II, is showcased at the heart of London's Saint-Pancras train station.

An atypical and unclassifiable artist

Highly regarded by the Prince of Wales, the artist conveys to living materials a strong faculty for light absorption. His « Artwork » showcases volumes and perspectives to revisit the scales of his characters and scenographies, which then take on dramatic intensity under our eyes. So don't expect neo-classic pieces from him! Everything he touches is counter-current from trends, which is what makes his work so valuable…

Arty interpretations in echo to light

On display at the Hostellerie de Levernois :

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