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A pergola, the new living space of the high-tech house

A pergola, the new living space of the high-tech house

Creating a new living space by extending the house, when the nice weather settles in, such is the mission of a pergola.

A pergola, the new living space of the high-tech house


An exterior sign of a house's wealth, the pergola is a former Roman heritage. Formerly built on concrete, brick or even glass pillars, the pergola was conceived in a small commune at the center of Italy after which it was named. The first ones were covered with plants, ivy, reed screening or a light veil as protection from the strong summer rays.

Living under a pergola at home

Today, they manage to blend in a decor, sheltering a concentration of technologies and have become bioclimatic in order to replace shades or parasols. Designed in precious wood or inalterable and recyclable materials such as aluminum and PVC, sides are thermocoated and in keeping with quality labels in order to be failproof and long-lasting.

Pergola outside
Inspired by the Far East, this structure is ideally placed near a swimming pool. © DR
Pargola on the lawn
In harmony with nature, this pergola is solidly anchored on a lawn, in front of a pond. © DR

A summer shelter shaped like a salon

This summer shelter is an ideal support for all sorts of vegetation, offering a wonderful perspective of relaxation in the garden or in front of the pool while giving personalized cachet to the individual habitat. Large enough to welcome a living room, it is often removable, and can easily be taken apart at the end of the season or after a festive event. To each their pergola!

Pergola with retractable roof
Covered with a specific polyester canvas, and treated for anti-UV rays, the pergola can also feature a retractable roof. © DR
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