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Petrossian presents a new caviar brunch

Petrossian presents a new caviar brunch

For balmy weather, Petrossian is launching a caviar brunch with a selection of specialities to share. A very iodine gourmet moment !

Petrossian presents a new caviar brunch


Maison Petrossian is the temple of sturgeon in Paris. Since 1920, it has a centennial know-how that enhances the eggs of this special fish, and its unique expertise has imposed itself as a label of quality all over the world. With Armen Petrossian and his son Mikael, the varieties of caviars are selected, then transcended by the talent of its caviar craftsmen.

A caviar brunch, the gourmet idea of Petrossian

These ambassadors of luxury serve this raw material in its simplest expression, while inventing tasting pretexts in a quest for innovations such as Caviar Cream or their Truffle Cream. Caviarcube in small mouthfuls at cocktail hour, scrambled eggs with caviar, croque-monsieur with caviar, zakouskis with caviar, flower of caviar to sprinkle on a dish, chef Julien Viollet is filled with ideas, and the family company serves its food with premium vodka.

Petrossian caviar œuf coque et assiette Bernardaud
On a soft boiled egg, caviar tastes even better, unless you prefer it plain in a Bernardaud plate. © DR
Petrossian assiettes caviar
At Petrossian, the menu also includes wild salmon eggs on warm plump blinis. © DR

Festive tastings, to stay or to go

Petrossian, this is more then high-end restaurants, it's also a fine grocery store. One comes here to pick up a few groceries, for a dinner of prestige or an intimate one-on-one. On the shelves, Bortch, hand-sliced Caucasian salmon, Silotka herring, Molossol pickles, eggs of salmon, trout, blue lobster, tarama with urchin corl, royal Kamchatka crab, poutargue, Koulibiak and red fruit Pavlova. A Russian feast awaits you…

Petrossian boutique Rive Gauche Paris
Beluga, Sevruga, Oscietre, all the caviars are on display in the house. © DR
Petrossian coffrer caviar et saumon
Take-away boxes : « Canapé », at 235 €, and « Les Yeux dans les Yeux », at 315 €, featuring the best gastronomic products. © DR

Caviar brunch, starting at 100 €

  • Right Bank : 106, boulevard de Courcelles, 75008 Paris.
  • Left Bank : 18, boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris.
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