Petrossian restaurant, 100 years in the service of caviar

To celebrate its 100th birthday, Petrossian is going to play host to caviar-lovers in a restaurant dedicated to the world’s finest grains of black gold.

In order to prepare its 100th anniversary, Petrossian, whose name is synonymous with the noble black grains, is opening a restaurant face to the historic delicatessen with its space used to host receptions. To celebrate the event, Petrossian and the brand Guillotine are creating a caviar vodka, with 20 g of Ossetra Tsar Imperial black gold in every litre of the delicious brew.

Caviar Petrossian, a restaurant for its 100th birthday

In this Art Deco setting, the work of MNHA design studio, the eye is naturally drawn to the caviar bar where Mikael Petrossian, the owner, initiates you to the nuances of caviar, selected according to the rules of the art, in a tasting session. This gourmet moment will satisfy purists and other caviar-lovers devoted to perfect and refined pairings, to be enjoyed without moderation.

Petrossian restaurant caviar bar
Customers are invited to get up and make the most of the caviar bar at any point during their visit. © Fabien Breuil
Petrossian restaurant types of caviar
To be tasted in situ or to take away, the brand offers an infinite variety of caviars of different provenances. © Fabien Breuil

Magic dishes

At the same time, the tables of chef Renaud Ramamourty round this out with the choice every day between two starters and two main courses, as well as a dessert. Recipes from the market are given pride of place to make us eat caviar in new ways. Boiled eggs, homemade tagliatelle, or potato millefeuille, the base accompanies the living product, without ever overpowering it. An expertise which allies technicity and creativity to bring out dishes that will enchant you...

Petrossian restaurant thin-crust creemy leek tart with matured Alverta caviar
Already a cult classic, the thin-crust creemy leek tart topped with matured Alverta caviar is unmissable. © Fabien Breuil

The majesty of caviar, every day...

  • 13, boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris. Tel : 01 44 11 32 32. Set menus : 39 € and 46 €, à la carte : 100 €.