The Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna is performing at the Plaza Athénée Hotel, on the 11th of April, 2018

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna is performing at the Plaza Athénée Hotel, on the 11th of April, 2018

On April 11th, music lovers will be front row, attending the special concert given at the Hotel Plaza Athénée by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna.

Result of a special partnership with the Austrian National Office of Tourism, in Paris, the Hotel Plaza Athénée is organizing a unique evening this spring. This event will combine a private concert given by five soloist musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna, followed by a gastronomical dinner, featuring Viennese savors in its deluxe brasserie, the Relais Plaza. Festivities will begin at 9:15pm !

The Philarmonic of Vienna is traveling to the Plaza

Upon arrival, you will be led to the Organza salon for a champagne cocktail. Starting at 8pm, Wilfried Hedenborg, first violonist, David Pennetzdorfer, cello, Martin Lemberg, viola, Matthias Schorn, clarinet, and Harald Krumpöck, second violin, will interpret the works of Haydn, his quartet for strings opus 77, and Mozart, his KV 581quintet for clarinets and strings.

PhilarmonicOrchestra of Vienna, Wilfried Hedenborg and Matthias Schorn
Wilfried Hedenborg and Matthias Schorn are providing a youthful touch to this venerable orchestra from Austria. © DR
Hôtel Plaza Athénée façade
On the 11th of April, the walls of the famous Avenue Montaigne palace will vibrate to the rhythm of a very special concert. © Masahiko Takeda

Music and gastronomy, Made in Austria

Starting at 9:15pm, you will be led to the restaurant, where former conductor Herbert Von Karajan himself had his habits. Welcomed by Werner Küchler, emblematic director of the premises, you will be served the Viennese menu of Christian Domschitz, who will be coming from the mythical Vestibül restaurant, in Vienna. A special culinary event, concocted in collaboration with the executive in-house chef of the hotel, Philippe Marc. With the certitude of combining good music and gastronomy for an exceptional venue…

Relais Plaza piano bar
At the Relais Plaza, the deluxe brasserie of the Plaza Athénée, this musical evening could very well end in front of the piano. © DR

100 places available at 235 €, concert and dinner included