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Pierre Paul Rubens, a painter and his house-museum, in Antwerp

Pierre Paul Rubens, a painter and his house-museum, in Antwerp

The city of Antwerp, in Belgium, is the sanctuary of Pierre Paul Rubens, one of the most famous Flemish painters who hosts you in his house-museum.

Pierre Paul Rubens, a painter and his house-museum, in Antwerp

While at the Musée du Luxembourg, in Paris, the exhibition, dedicated to him, is closing its doors, all the gazes are turned towards the north of Belgium, in Antwerp more precisely toward the Renaissance homestead, designed by the baroque painter himself. A palace immediatly transformed into an artist's workshop by the Flemish master, that has since become a museum.

Rubens, an invitation to his house-museum

The entrance takes place through a Roman arch of triumph leading to a garden enhanced with a fountain. This is where the artist, who was attributed an official diplomatic role at the court of the Spanish Netherlands, grew his exotic plants. In the main reception rooms, all his masterpieces are on display.

Rubens museum in Antwerp - Belgium
In the entrance, the shape of the porticco reflects the admiration for art stemming from Italy, a country where Rubens spent many years. © DR
Rubens museum - interior
Under the vaulted ceiling of one of the main reception rooms, masterpieces by Rubens are almost touchable by hand. © DR

The arty side of Antwerp

Featuring imposing 17th century furniture, the venue comprises the major part of his work as well as that of his students, such as Antoine Van Dyck, Willem Van Haecht and Cornélius Van Der Geest. Displayed in the « Rubenshuis », portraits, still lifes, mythological and historic paintings, busts and figurines are a good introduction for a visit of Antwerp. In the city of diamond merchants, many museums, churches and cathedrals showcase imposing works by this creator of genius.

Rubens museum - exhibition
Objects of collections, still lifes and portraits of nobles from that era allow themselves to be admired during the visit of the house. © DR
Rubens museum paintings
In this museum with a human face, collectors from around the world lend their works for long durations. © DR

Rubens, the Antwerp guest star