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Plateforme 10: Lausanne’s latest cultural touchpoint

Plateforme 10: Lausanne’s latest cultural touchpoint

In Switzerland, the city of Lausanne has created three museums in one with the completion of Plateforme 10, a new cultural touchpoint with innovative architecture.

Plateforme 10: Lausanne’s latest cultural touchpoint

The urban landscape of central Lausanne is undergoing momentous change. The creation of a new cultural centre with ultra-modern buildings has brought three separate museums to the same site. This cultural and architectural gambit has created a place where all art forms are given free rein, from emerging talents to experienced artists.

Lausanne modernises its city centre with Plateforme 10

Because the existing facilities had become too small to deal with the rising amount of traffic, which prevented permanent exhibitions from being held, the city’s local authorities decided to take the plunge. Located just next to the train station, a 25 000 m² lot used to store trains was repurposed, and two futuristic mega-structures were built nearby.

Plateforme 10 Lausanne's Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts
The upper part of the building looks like it’s floating mid-air. This design increases the amount of natural light that reaches the structure. © Yves André
Lausanne Plateforme 10 musée Elysée
A pedestrian bridge across from the covered passageway that’s home to shops and restaurants leads to the Fine Arts Museum. © Yves André

An updated multicultural offer

To satisfy its residents’ thirst for culture, Lausanne’s Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (which features paintings), and the Musée de l'Élysée (which features every photographic style imaginable) have increased the appeal of this beautiful Swiss city. Plus, don’t miss out on beautifully designed luxury hotels overlooking the Lake of Geneva.

Lausanne Plateforme 10 musée Elysée
The Musée de l'Élysée has booked major artists for its photo exhibits. © Yves André

The rise of a new cultural district in Lausanne