Polestar 1, the High Performance Hybrid from Volvo Cars

Far from showy concept cars, the Volvo Polestar 1, a hybrid rechargeable with four-wheel drive, is a rather reassuring two-door sports car.

Look at the photos of the Polestar 1 and take it all in because you’ll have to wait until the 2nd half of 2019 to get the keys. Under the plastic bodywork, reinforced with carbon fibre which allowed the car to shed 230 kilos, it roars with 600 horsepower and revs with up to 150 kilometres of road autonomy. A record for a plug-in hybrid !

Polestar 1 : the Hybrid Gamble from Volvo Cars

This grand tourer model, the first bearing a star-shaped logo, has made Polestar into a separate car maker, aiming to make electric high performance vehicles. Comfort comes first in the interior thanks to the system of electronic suspension they designed, without needless screens. Commonsense and classicism are put to good use...

inside of the Volvo Polestar 1
Discretion and good taste are the dashboard watchwords. © DR
back of the Volvo Polestar 1
Seen from behind, the silver star is the only way to recognise the Polestar 1. © DR

A New Take on the Market

This car, limited to 500 models, will not be sold in classic concessions. For its highly targeted market, the Volvo Car Group has decided to offer it uniquely to rent, over 2 years, via a network of « Polestar Spaces ». The icing on the cake : the all-inclusive formula includes complete maintenance and a concierge service which provides highly exclusive assistance.

top of the Volvo Polestar 1
Thanks to its panoramic roof, the vehicle gets the best of the natural light throughout the day. © DR

Polestar 1 : the future of the automobile