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Raspoutine, the Franco-Russian dance club of West Hollywood

Raspoutine, the Franco-Russian dance club of West Hollywood

After Paris, Rome and Marrakech, the most hype dance club goes for Hollywood glamour, in Los Angeles.

Raspoutine, the Franco-Russian dance club of West Hollywood


We have good news for party-loving travelers! They can now find the ambiance of their legendary nocturnal refuge in California. Raspountine has opened in the City of Angels on Melrose Avenue where the price of real estate is sky high. This historical address received the first alcohol permit in 1919, before becoming a "Speakeasy", attracting all of Hollywood, at the end of the prohibition.

Raspoutine invites itself to Los Angeles

So it's quite naturally, right here that Alexander Ghislain and Logan Maggio, already at the origin of the success confirmed by different offshoots of the Raspoutine label, have set their sights. For this California venture, they created a refined and playful venue, featuring the red and gold "barocco-cosy" decor, inspired by the one Erté imagined for his Russian cabaret, 53 years ago, in the Golden Triangle of Paris.

Raspoutine Los Angeles building
8623 Melrose Avenue, is the address to give your chauffeur to arrive at this landmark building. © DR
Raspoutine Los Angeles main room
All the Hollywood celebs gather in the plush red salons of the famous night-club. © DR

The cream of dj's in a unique place

The recipe already works in the USA! Same musical atmosphere concocted by the top American dj’s, and same off-beat style epitomizing the spirit of revelry, in a setting with a unique cachet, decorated with fur, scarlet velvet, lace and shimmering embroideries, where famous nightowls already feel right at home. Because the night...

Raspoutine Los Angeles owners
Full-fledged entrepreneurs, Alexander Ghislain and Logan Maggio are already considering opening up other prestigious addresses. © DR

Raspoutine, a star-studded galaxy on 3 continents

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