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The Refuge des Aiglons is redefining the hotel industry in Chamonix

The Refuge des Aiglons is redefining the hotel industry in Chamonix

Perched atop the Chamonix ski station, the Refuge des Aiglons is revolutionising the luxury mountain hotel sector.

The Refuge des Aiglons is redefining the hotel industry in Chamonix


This winter, snow aficionados and visitors to Chamonix are in for a surprise. There, a unique 4-star hotel has completely redesigned its concept under the direction of Oscar Lucien, the artistic director of the design agency Maison Numéro 20. The hotel’s ground-breaking approach reframes the mountain as a playground, reflecting a shift in visitors’ lifestyles.

A new approach to the hotel industry in Chamonix

At the Refuge des Aiglons, the primary goal of the hotel’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere is to attract a younger clientele, specifically Millennials. Consumption at the hotel is a collaborative experience, with an emphasis placed on sharing. The building’s open, modular, and adaptable living areas promote interactions so guests can spend time together talking about their adventures and achievements on the slopes.

Refuge des Aiglons lounge
The lounge, which is anything but formal, welcomes guests at any time of the day. © D. Delmas
Refuge des Aiglons delicatessen and restaurant
Whether you’d like a drink or a bite to eat, these common areas attract their share of hip patrons throughout the season. © D. Delmas

A homey, quirky, and rustic touch

Featuring a modern and off-beat design, the electric colours and quirky, rustic vibe of this homey concept can be found in everything from the pattern of the wallpaper to the furniture, accessories, ceiling fresco, and atrium, which combines neoclassical inspirations with Parisian chic. Against this backdrop, the rooms are cosy, beautifully designed havens that emphasise simplicity.

Refuge des Aiglons room
Designed to feel like quirky cabins, the rooms were created with guests’ comfort in mind. © D. Delmas

A new, cosy experience at high altitude

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