René Magritte : a Belgian passion for Surrealist art

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A reflection of the Belgian passion for Surrealism, the works of René Magritte have been gathered together in a museum which bears his name, in the heart of Brussels.

René Magritte, une passion belge pour l'art surréaliste
René Magritte didn’t hesitate to represent himself in the Son of Man, his most famous painting. © DR

Close to the Royal Palace of Brussels, the Magritte Museum is housed in one of the Lotto townhouses, a neoclassical architectural ensemble from the end of the 18th century. Some 230 works and the precious archives of the leading exponent of Belgian Surrealism, whose 50th anniversary of death was recently celebrated, are exhibited in an exquisite 2 500 m² of multidisciplinary space, since 2009.

The Belgian passion for René Magritte

The rooms of the museum, which are much-frequented all year long, bring together paintings, drawings, gouaches, sculptures, painted objects, but also advertising posters, musical scores, photographs as well as films about the man made famous by his bowler hat, his pipe and his umbrella. This iconic persona has given rise to innumerable retrospectives all over the world.

Magritte indoor room Each painting needs to be contemplated at length in order to understand the artist’s fantastical mind. © DR
Magritte The Secret Player Each detail of « The Secret Player » evokes an episode of René Magritte’s personal life. © DR

Unique creativity and Belgian humour

To visit the Magritte Museum is to discover each period and the range of techniques of a versatile artist who was not afraid to shock. To visit is also to accept the plunge into a universe evoking mystery, the absurd and the unexpected in a wholly original way. Without forgetting the Belgian sense of humour...

Magritte The Return The painter finished his famous « The Return » in 1940, which has a strong pacifist resonance. © DR
Magritte The Castle of the Pyrenees and draped mug In the e-shop, the poster of « The Castle of the Pyrenees » can be found alongside printed mugs of the cover which shrouded the building during its renovation. © DR

Realist, irrealist, surrealist, 100 % Magritte

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