Sans les Mains, Bernardaud’s summer exhibition in Limoges

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Under the guidance of Bernardaud, the exhibition Sans les Mains (No Hands) is starting a new chapter in the 25,000-year-long history of ceramics.

Sans les Mains, show estival de Bernardaud, à Limoges
« Filigree Robotics Circle », made by Flemming Tvede Hansen, was created through the sole use of artificial intelligence. © Silas Emmery

From 15 June 2018 to 30 March 2019, the Bernardaud Corporate Foundation will rely completely on digital technologies to encourage artists to use new processes that can create works that were unthinkable before now. The foundation will bring together thirteen international ceramic artists for its innovative exhibition held in Limoges.

Bernardaud puts on its summer show in Limoges

The event will pay tribute to clay, a raw material that turns into ceramic after exposure to fire. In the form of ancient shards and pottery, this fragile and unchanging material is being unearthed all over the world, simultaneously revealing a part of humanity’s history through the incredible objects that decorate our homes and fine arts museums.

Bernardaud Dylan Beck With « Cloud Fracula », Dylan Beck creates a physical representation of the tip of the iceberg that is the digital revolution. © DB
Bernardaud Emerging Objects In « Emerging Objects », the home built by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, clay bricks become 3D modules. © M. Millman

The start of an artistic revolution

The relentless progress of science and technology has resulted in a digital revolution that adds ground-breaking methods to artists’ toolboxes. Nowadays, artists are exploring and adapting 3D technology to open up even more opportunities. This high-tech addition is already having an impact on arts and handicrafts by allowing artists to create fanciful shapes, which visitors can see for themselves in the capital city of porcelain.

Bernardaud Shawn Spangler Future Archeology Precis Created by Shawn Spangler, each step of « Future Archeology Precis » can be found online. © Bryan Czibesz
Bernardaud Amphoras Jennifer Gray and Chris Wight Jennifer Gray and Chris Wight use non-traditional techniques to make their amphoras. © Matthew Booth et CW

When 3D printing meets ceramics…

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