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The Sculpture Park, a hotbed of talented artists in Jaipur, India

The Sculpture Park, a hotbed of talented artists in Jaipur, India

Inside the pink city of Jaipur, in India, The Sculpture Park is a hotbed of artists and a centre for exhibitions in this landmark monument filled with history.

The Sculpture Park, a hotbed of talented artists in Jaipur, India

Until now, the city of Jaipur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, was essentially known by tourists for its "Wind Palace", an architectural marvel in pink sandstone. This venue has also become an outstanding cultural destination with the installation of the Madhavendra sculptures park, in an 18th century castle, nestled in the imposing Fort Nahargarh.

The rendezvous of artists at Sculpture Park

Organized by the Saat Saath Arts Foundation association as an open-sky gallery of contemporary art, it presents sculptures exhibited in its courtyards, its reception rooms and outdoor spaces, by creating a spectacular backdrop for monumental or more intimate works. This new scenic window-display is dedicated to local and international artists, well-known or with a promising future.

The Sculpture Park Stone of Wings
Stone of Wings is imagined by Thukral & Tagra such as the representation of a stopped dream. © DR
The Sculpture Park Installations
In the reception rooms, architecture and decoration are part of the show just as much as the works. © DR

A touristic-cultural boom in India

And as proof of growing public interest, the visits of this patrimonial landmark, where ancient stones are side by side without any complexes next to creative modernity, have increased by 37 % in just a few weeks. So don't forget to include the discovery of Sculpture Park during your next expedition to the country of the Maharadjas.

The Sculpture Park God of Some Things
Created by Huma Bhabha, this God of Some Things is the artistic illustration of divinities. © DR

The Sculpture Park, an immersive Indian gallery