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The sculptures of chocolatier Patrick Roger, in Bois-Guilbert

Until the 15th of November 2018, chocolatier Patrick Roger is displaying his sculptures in the salons and gardens of the château de Bois-Guilbert, in bucolic Normandy.

The sculptures of chocolatier Patrick Roger, in Bois-Guilbert


Known for his monumental chocolate statues, Patrick Roger is less famous for his sculptures in bronze, silver and aluminum. However, the park, the gardens and the reception rooms of Bois-Guilbert, a family-owned 18th century château, located in Seine-Maritime, often become the setting for special exhibitions. In order to write a new page of his career, the talented artist has been tempted by metal mania.

Patrick Roger, a multi-support sculptor

Meilleur Ouvrier chocolatier de France and creator of savors, the emblematic figure of the chocolate world goes beyond the realm of taste when he sculpts his favorite material and infuses life to special creations, always extravagant, but less ephemeral.

Patrick Roger sculpture personnage
To cumulate pleasures, the works of Patrick Roger are scattered in the different rooms featuring precious taspestries. © DR
Patrick Roger statue and pingouins
Careful, it is forbidden to taste, these works are not in chocolate ! © DR

Unusual and poetic works

In all, 25 creations, plus a few original drawings, will be an occasion to discover the universe of an artist who collects rarity in order to reveal his art, the art of chocolate with soul and meaning. Original and unusual pieces, filled with a certain form of poetry, which might even be estimated on the market. All showcased in the superb setting of a family homestead in Normandy.

Patrick Roger sculptures en bronze
In the château, the daring work of this passionate chocolate artisan takes on unexpected shapes. © DR
Patrick Roger sculptures dans le jardin
In order for visitors to discover the entire domain, the visit continues in the « Garden of Sculptures ». © DR

Chocolate, at the origin of orginal sculptures

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