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Sèvres Manufacture has made a marvellous spread

Sèvres Manufacture has made a marvellous spread

Sèvres Manufacture has made a marvellous spread with the « À Table ! Le repas, tout un art » (Dinner’s Ready! The Art of the Meal) exhibition that celebrates the 10-year mark after UNESCO first recognised the gastronomic French meal. 

Sèvres Manufacture has made a marvellous spread


From 18/11/2020 to 16/05/2021, the Manufacture de Sèvres and French’s national museums will whisk visitors away on a surprising and gourmet voyage to celebrates its 280th anniversary. This site for heritage and creativity retraces the history of the gastronomic meal of the French from ancient times to the modern day. The exhibition explores food preparation and consumption, tableware decor, and conversation during these communal moments.

Gastro-diplomacy at work

Sponsored by the pastry chef Pierre Hermé, the exhibition gathers visitors around the table, highlighting around 1 000 works on loan from famous French institutions that show how a practice we all participate in has changed over time. The goal of the event is to celebrate conviviality, community, and the transmission of traditions around the universally appealing theme of gastronomy, all in support of French cultural creativity.

Incredible feasts throughout the ages

Silverware, plates, glasses, chargers, terrines, sprinklers, salt shakers, services for tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, leather cases, menus, oil paintings, gouaches, stamps, antique books, archival documents, and photographs illustrate each theme according to the era. The exhibition also showcases artisans, designers, historians, scientists, and chefs. Let the show begin!

At this major exhibition, French meals are on the menu

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