Silverwood, the wood terraces announcing the arrival of summer

26 Apr 2020
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Natural, tinted, streamlined, the wood terraces imagined by Silverwood adapt to all our decorative whims, anticipating summer.

Silverwood, les terrasses en bois qui annoncent l'été
To obtain a highly satisfying result, rely on professionals in the trade… © DR


Used as a real extention of the house towards the outdoors, the wooden terrace has always offered an additional space for relaxation. It is a perfect way to enjoy the first sunrays of the year. Backed by technology, it definitely makes wood the ultimate material of tomorrow. Naturally virtuous, this renewable and sustainable ressource enhances our habitats while preserving at best the environment.

With Silverwood, spend all summer of the terrace

In addition, wood is an insulator that is highly resistant to fire. It now features a pretty palette of warm overtones, allowing careful detailing and subtle product ranges offering incomparable comfort to implement the garden of your dreams. For the more high-end models, its long lasting qualities preserve the aspect of the first days, and make it a charming asset for the summer season.

<em>Modifier Article</em> Silverwood, les terrasses en bois qui annoncent l'été
Matching the shapes of the garden trees conveys a very endearing and bohemian side. © DR
<em>Modifier Article</em> Silverwood, les terrasses en bois qui annoncent l'été
Around the pool, just like on the central islet, wood offers a great many advantages. © DR

The natural elegance on catalog

The choice is vast. Skin Yellow Pine, with veined slats devoid of knots, combining simplicity and aesthetics​, easy to upkeep red Skin Pin from the North, grooved or smooth Exotic with 3 varieties or Curve Mélèze, whose curved slats allow the drainage of water drops, the wood terraces are the second skins that will dress up all your outdoor surfaces, by signing them with a discreet elegance, yet very visible.

<em>Modifier Article</em> Silverwood, les terrasses en bois qui annoncent l'été
Protected from bad weather, this terrace offers several wood varieties, from floor to ceiling. © DR

A multitude of materials for « wood designers »

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