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Simone Pheulpin, sculptor of intricate natural textiles

Reflections of a preserved natural world, the white sculptures of Simone Pheulpin explore the harmonious folds of textile in its raw state.

Simone Pheulpin, sculptor of intricate natural textiles


Neither marble, nor bronze, or cooked stone, the streamlined sculptures of Simone Pheulpin, a native of the Vosges, are created with cotton from her region, with stunning results. The artists has been awarded many prizes and trophies, from the Craft Prize of the Loewe Foundation to the Art Trades in the City of Paris, for her interpretation of raw materials, using their original colour, off-white with no dyeing.

Sculpting raw textile

It is her way of letting our imagination travel amongst her works. A cultural shock that conveys a wave of sensations thanks to inspiring work born from her hands. Strong density, its shapes are an echo to natural elements: deep sea corals, shells, tree trunks, bird nests and fossilized rocks also borrow from the mineral and vegetal worlds.

Simone Pheulpin sculpture Croissance
Big Eclosion needs to be looked at very closely to measure the complexity of the sculptor's work. © Apollonia Robin
Simone Pheulpin sculpture Anfractuosité
Once in front of the Anfractuosité sculpture, dont hesitate to stroke it lightly, it conveys shivers and emotions. © DR

Folds and pins

A scenography where figuration and abstraction mingle around plain fabric strips highlighting carefully constructed folds. The entity then takes on a mossy or grainy aspect whose backbone is held up with thousands of invisible pins. Months or work for a stunning result that does leave anyone indifferent, and that one discover like visiting a contemporary cabinet of curiosities.

Simone Pheulpin sculpture Big Eclosion
Like a plant, Croissance seems to grow under our very eyes… © Apollonia Robin

The nobility of contours and volumes

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