Singulart, the new window-display for art collectors

The new window-display dedicated to art collectors, Singulart enables to pinpoint, in just a few clicks, their next heart throb.

Dense, international, the art market is a thriving  hotbed where picking the up-and-coming artists is a real challenge. With more than 300 important art fairs per year and a multitude of galleries, collectors must really have a lot of energy if they want to stay updated, find a great piece or simply buy a work of art that corresponds to their expectations.

Arty collections at Singulart

So in order to simplify the selection process, fine art experts from the Singulart platform, and their algorithms of artificial intelligence, are changing everything. They offer to art lovers the possibility, depending on their geolocalisation, to be invited to discover, amongst 1000 artists and about 20000 available canvases, the works of recognized talents, but which they may not necessarily have heard of.

Petra Kaindel Behind the Mask
A rising value, Petra Kaindel is not just the author of Behind the Mask—and his work will surely surprise you… © DR
Singulart surrealist work
If you appreciate Surrealist works such as this one, Singulart will offer you a wide array of choices. © DR

To each their heart throb

Pop Art, figurative, abstract, classic, still life, portrait, landscape, nautical, watercolor, daily living genre scenes or Surrealism, your inspiration will cross the frontiers towards rich and varied universes. So how about using this digital tool before moving into your new apartment ? Enjoy the visit and to each their heart throb, because when it comes to tastes and colors everyone has their own ideas.

Adam Collier Noël Venus
Venus, the canvas collage of American photographer Adam Collier Noël, combines materials and techniques. © DR

The art and the manner of collecting art works…