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Sophie Schÿler, the owner of Château Kirwan in Margaux

Sophie Schÿler, the owner of Château Kirwan in Margaux

Sophie Schÿler is not just a CEO. She is also the woman behind the wine at Château Kirwan, which is located within Margaux, a protected destination of origin.

Sophie Schÿler, the owner of Château Kirwan in Margaux


In the small town of Margaux, which produces some of the greatest French wines from the Médoc region, Château Kirwan has a long family history that stretches back three centuries. Classified as a Grand Cru since 1855, the bottles produced by this vineyard, which is named after Mark Kirwan, a rich Irish vintner who came from a family of merchants, have become popular despite a ruthlessly competitive market.

Château Kirwan, a gem within the Margaux PDO

Sophie Schÿler is the standard bearer for the company abroad. After graduating from Bordeaux University with a degree in politics and economics, this avid music aficionado travelled the world to promote her wines, increase sales, and create new distribution networks with wine traders who work with the PDO, most of whom are located in Asia and the United States.

Château Kirwan exterior view
Built at the end of the 18th century, the estate once hosted Thomas Jefferson before he became a United States president during a trip to the Bordelais region. © DR
Château Kirwan cellar
Poised between tradition and modernity, the wine cellar also hosts large corporate and private receptions. © DR

A personalised holiday gift set

In between her many travels, the entrepreneur has also launched a new holiday gift set that is guaranteed to delight your senses by transporting you to the wonderful world of Christmas. This customised wooden gift box contains a bottle of Château Kirwan 2014, an excellent vintage that wine drinkers are sure to love, and a candle featuring a scent inspired by the estate’s own wines. Treat yourself to a magical wine tasting experience !

Château Kirwan christmas gift set and barrels
Choose from several wine tasting packages in order to explore this exceptional estate and treat yourself to its gift set. © DR

Sophie Schÿler : the appeal of a prestigious, woman-run vineyard

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