Squid, discreet dressing up of bay windows, directly from Belgium

Squid, discreet dressing up of bay windows, directly from Belgium

By discretely dressing up bay windows, the range, created by the Belgian company Squid, preserves intimacy, for more confort.

Always on the cusp of innovation, Belgian entrepreneurs surf on the current trend in terms of bay windows, whether fixed or sliding. A growth niche, developed by Squid, a company implanted in the city of Tielt, in Western Flanders, that customies private living spaces as well as offices. Its woven veils, patented and streamlined offer many assets.

Dressing up bay windows with Squid

Luminosity is increased by 36 % of sunlight energy, while blocking indiscreet onlookers, felt temperature is reduced by 3° behind the window pane to participate in thermal comfort. With its self-sticking sides and wide dimensional capacities, Squid is the opposite of a shade or classic curtains. Digitally printed, the panels can be enhanced with a message, a drawing or a logo.

Squid window display kitchen
The panel stucks to the bay window of this kitchen has the advantage of not preventing the light to come in . © DR
Squid bay window living room/kitchen
Selected from the house catalogue, this full moon is totally part of the living room's decoration. © DR

Customization and personalization

Easy to install, the collection comes in six appeasing overtones, stemming from minerals or vegetals. It is in perfect harmony with other decoration elements of room it dresses up, no matter what may be the materials, colours or shapes, all conveying a natural and sober elegance. Think about it, the personnalization options for partitions in your sweet home are infinite…

Squid bay window bathroom
In a bathroom such as this one, a panel place mid-height is indispensable. © DR

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