Strokar Inside, the world’s first global street art supermarket, opens in Brussels

Strokar Inside, the world’s first global street art supermarket, opens in Brussels

The city of Brussels is opening an international platform for modern art that will serve as the first global street art supermarket.

Street art has long since become popular among art collectors and has even found its way into the world’s top museums. This avant-garde discipline has now finally found its own custom-made hub thanks to the work of Alexandra Lambert and Fred Atax. The pair has created a unique space for this innovative art form by founding a workshop and laboratory in an abandoned supermarket.

A street art supermarket in Brussels

Strokar Inside, which is neither a temporary gallery nor a traditional museum, is already attracting big names and rising stars in the fields of graffiti, painting, and urban photography to Brussels’ Molière district. Arranged within 5 000 m² of a condemned building, its installations set it apart as an interconnected site that’s perfectly suited to the 4.0 era.

Strokar Inside hieroglyphic panel
Once it is purchased, this work of art can be reproduced on any existing medium. © DR
Strokar Inside Skull Board panel
There’s an audience for everything, and Halloween is just around the corner… © DR

Street art gets a promotion

This non-profit organisation hosts exhibits, live performances, cultural events, mural paintings, exclusive sales, tours, workshops, and projections. One of its upcoming events includes the Brussels international urban art fair in November 2018. At Strokar Inside, street art is on the rise—as are its price tags.

Strokar Inside pink panel
Make sure you don’t pass up an artist now only to see their prices skyrocket in the future ! © DR

Street Art, Street Life…