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Sunsets on the 5 most visited monuments in Europe

The 5 most visited monuments in Europe are even more spectacular when they appear, in their best attire, at sunset.

Sunsets on the 5 most visited monuments in Europe


1. Paris: Sacré Cœur

Built in the 19th century on the hilltop of Montmartre, the Sacré Cœur basilica is the all-category champion of touristic attendance, with 11 million visitors, who come each year in droves to discover its arches, its circular dome, its turrets, its impressive organs and its crypt. A must-visit during a journey to Paris.

Paris Sacré Coeur à la tombée de la nuit
At the end of the day, there are far fewer tourists, and Sacré Cœur displays all its beauty enhanced by the sunset. © DR

2. Château de Versailles

Knowing the Château of Versailles entails visiting it year after year. In second position of this Top 5, the former hunting lodge, transformed into the most beautiful château in the world by the Sun King Louis XIV, hosts 8,5 million visitors each year, who dream of yesteryear's opulence in front of his grandiose bedrooom, the Gallery of Mirrors, the spectacular gardens and the hamlet of the Queen.

Château de Versailles au coucher de solei
Behind the courtyard of honor, the gardens and the basins are the ideal venue for romantics to enjoy the last rays of the sun. © DR

3. Rome: the Coliseum

Each year, the last vestiges of the largest amphitheater in the world, and main historical monument of the Italian peninsula, attract 7.6 million visitors in what was in the past an arena for gladiator combats. Yet another incentive to discover its history, masterpieces, the gastronomy and the dolce vita ambiance of the Eternal City.

Rome Coliseum at night fall
If you have watched the films and series where these arches appear, you cannot miss the visit. © DR

4. Athens: the Parthenon

Cradle of Western civilisation, the Greek capital, where the marbles, the frescoes, the statues and the colonades are part of the landscape, is the most famous antique site in Europe. 7.2 million visitors make a stopover every year to admire its temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, an architectural masterpiece built 2,500 years ago atop the Acropolis.

Athens Acropolis at night fall
No, this is not a post card, but the Parthenon such as you can see it at the end of the afternoon, at Spring time. © DR

5. Paris: the Eiffel Tower

The one who has been the talk of the town since the Universal Exhibition of 1889 is the highest tower in Paris. Every year, 7 million visitors come admire stunning panoramas overlooking the capital from the platforms of its 3 levels. In addition, with chefs Frédéric Anton and Thierry Marx at the helm of the Jules Verne's restaurant and brasserie, gastronomy is at its apex.

Tour Eiffel restaurant Jules Verne
Careful, to obtain a reservation for this table at the restaurant Jules Verne, count 3 months on the waiting list… © DR
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