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Superfast 812, a New Sportscar to Celebrate 70 years of Ferrari

The fastest and most powerful sports car ever produced by Ferrari, the Superfast 812, made to celebrate the manufacturer’s 70th birthday, is a marvel of engineering which sets new limits.

Superfast 812, a New Sportscar to Celebrate 70 years of Ferrari


While developing this new model, the Italian manufacturer had to construct an experimental 12-cylinder engine, taking example from the original model which started the whole glorious story 70 years ago. On the power side of things, this exceptionally aerodynamic car can boast 800 horsepower to offer an ever-more exhilarating ride. 

Ferrari is celebrating its 70th birthday by launching the Superfast

To improve the optimum performances of the streamlined shape of the Superfast 812, the Prancing Horse car maker equipped it with electric power steering. A real first ! This security booster warns the driver when the car is approaching its adhesion limit, to ensure the highest possible speed when going around bends.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
Tapered and aggressive, this toy is capable of reaching 124 mph in 7,9 seconds. © DR
Ferrari 812 Superfast interior
The sober cockpit of the Italian sports car puts connectivity and handling first. © DR

Comfort, speed and security behind the wheel

With its seats in perforated leather, the compact and sporty cockpit is also set to impress. A tachometer is set into the dashboard, framed by two 5-inch screens, piloting indications on the left and navigation and connectivity on the right, and the steering wheel sports a constellation of buttons. The privilege of getting behind the wheel will cost 2 years of patience before you can admire it sitting in your garage... and a price tag of 287 000 € before options.

Ferrari 812 Superfast back
The rear spoiler shows off the aerodynamic style of this Supercar, ready to be launched on the circuits. © DR

Super fast, super drive, Ferrari goes turbo.

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