Table settings: a quick tour of the latest French trends

This spring, we are reviewing all the latest trends in the universe of table settings. And the good news is that French creation is ahead of the game in terms of style.

In the area of prestigious table settings, new trends are in keeping with the seasons. Presented at various fairs, designer collections are constantly renewed along with the presentation of novelties. For spring 2019, we have noticed a quest for color and natural materials amongst French brands, whereas the streamlined Scandinavian style, very strong since several years, seems to be running out of steam.

The new trend is fanciful table settings

To enhance a table, Made in France tableware is not just a question of being utilitarian. The run-of-the-mill white plate is slowly but surely being replaced by an overtone of pink, "Living Coral". Elected star hue of the year, its presence in small touches ideally injects a dose of optimism and warmth in our interiors while showcasing its chic potential and conveying emotion.

Chef & Sommelier Table
On the table of Chef & Sommelier, wines are reflected in the plates. © DR
Couverts Delabourlas
At Delabourlas, cutlery features citrus fruit colors. © DR

Artsy tableware

Amongst the names that stand out, Cristal d’Arques, Degrenne, Deshoulières, Jean Dubost, Emile Henry, la Faïencerie de Gien and Forge de Laguiole are in the spotlight with ultra sculptural pieces whose desirable aspect is very close to artwork. A desire of authenticity, long-lasting objects, modern graphics... a new wave is unfurling on the universe of interior decoration.

Pillivuyt Gaia Table
While remaining discreet, the Gaia collection of Pillivuyt features pink color spots in contrast with charcoal grey. © DR

French creation sits down at the table

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