The Time of Collectors II, the beyond the walls exhibition in scenic Menton on the Riviera

The Time of Collectors II, the beyond the walls exhibition in scenic Menton on the Riviera

With the exhibition Le Temps des Collectionneurs II, the city of Menton, on the French Riviera, celebrates the treasures of its past, spanning two centuries of representations.

Take your winter quarters in Menton! Until the 18th of January 2020, the Musée des Beaux-arts of this city on the French Riviera, nestled in the Palace of Carnolès, will be presenting the second installment of its cultural cycle, The Time of Collectors. This exhibition, known as "beyond the walls", will unveil many treasures stored at the heart of the Grimaldi princes of Monaco's former summer residence.

Menton is showcased beyond the walls

Paintings, drawings, engravings, photographs, the museum team has gathered works representing the evolution of this commune marked by the French, Italian and Monaco influences of the 19th and 20th centuries. Through 80 works, most of them very confidential, this is a true stroll around Menton, filled with colours and memories, offered to the visitors.

Exhibition Menton seashore
At the doors of Italy, the small Mediterranian village is still preserved from the frenzy of modernity. © DR
Exhibition Menton patrimony
Benefitting from a strong patrimony, the midtown area and the seashore feature many architectural testimonies. © DR

The golden age of the French Riviera

Taken out of the stockroom or rediscovered after being restored, they retrace the story of an era when this town on the French Riviera counted only 3500 inhabitants. The overviews unveil seashores with very few constructions, before the urban and touristic surge. A wonderful occasion to visit its cascade of small squares, its private mansions, its markets and its botanical garden.

An open sky gallery of contemporary art