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Todus, upscale outdoor modular furniture

Balconies, terraces, gardens and pools are the destinations of modular furniture dedicated to outdoor spaces, strong point of Todus.

Todus, upscale outdoor modular furniture


With the first balmy weather rays of sun, it's time to renew the furniture pieces that enhance our outdoor private spaces. Amongst the wide array of offers in specialized catalogs, hotel professionals and specialists in the art of hosting have their own special habits, relying on companies that privilege creativity, sophistication, quality and tradition.

Todus, outdoor spaces to be modulated

Good news: the purpose of Todus, a Czech brand, based on tradition since 30 years, is to create elegant and comfortable furniture. This Summer, the collections come in 7 complementary versions: Baza, Duct, Condor, Starling, Puro, Lotos and Leuven, imagined in collaboration with Studio Segers. Their mission is to renew the main core style by presenting models in keeping with expectations.

Each occasion has its outdoor furniture

Chairs, tables and armchairs stand out by their combination of structures in steel and comfortable padded cushions. As for the sofas, they are made with rectangular elements, a square pouf, and 3 back supports, enabling to create a model adapted to each situation. With this modular option, you can optimize use in the outdoor spaces of the family or guest circle—thus you can integrate this special furniture in your most pleasant summer memories.

Outdoor furniture with a story

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