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Toile de Jouy, the timeless printed fabric never out of fashion

Toile de Jouy, the timeless printed fabric never out of fashion

Printed since the 18th century in a traditional factory of Jouy-en-Josas, in the Yvelines, this fabric has made itself desirable and timeless.

Toile de Jouy, the timeless printed fabric never out of fashion


In a palace or a contemporary interior, the Toile de Jouy fabric always produces the same effect, the impression of a certain nobility and upscale living that naturally blends in with the walls of handsome homesteads. Never out of fashion since its creation, by engraver and printer Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, in the 18th century, it found refuge inside the Château de l'Eglantine, in Jouy-en-Josas.

Toile de Jouy, a very decorative print

A site transformed into a museum to the glory of this upholstery inspired by the "Indiennes", the bright colored cotton fabrics with hand-printed or engraved wood stamped floral motifs. Imported in Europe two centuries ago, it never fell by the wayside and occasionally reappears on the catwalks of leading international designers.

Toile de Jouy
The first motifs of this fabric represented romantic scenes or certain work trades. © DR
Toile de Jouy upholstered bedroom
Totally enamored by the atmosphere it conveys, some use it to upholster walls, the furniture and houses linens of their bedrooms. © DR

A polychrome fabric envied by the entire world

Today its engravings and characters decorate trendy clothing lines and fashion accessories. Far from being a trademark or an appellation of controlled orgin, under jealous surveillance, this polychrome French canvas, born under Louis XIV, is celebrated around the world. Its nuances, its graphics and its raised printing, close to 3D, make it an object of timeless desire…

Hôtel Normandy Deauville junior suite
In Deauville, the Hôtel Normandy has decorated the walls and pillows of its elegant bedrooms with navy blue Toile de Jouy. © DR

A made in Jouy-en-Josas unique canvas…

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